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Trees give us shelter from bursts of rain and shade from the scorching sun; they provide a nesting place for birds and are home to many creatures. Trees are mentioned in the Bible more than any living thing, other than God and people. St Paul tells us that if we have gone for a walk in the woods we are without excuse for knowing God (Romans 1:20).

I’ve used the imagery of trees along with exploring God in nature in prayer and worship over these past months and so, The Trees Project began to form. This will be a community wide textile project, creating art for permanent display in the community centre and church, for all to enjoy. Just as branches of trees reach out, we have been reaching out to each other in a spirit of compassion and kindness. With food parcel deliveries, collecting shopping and prescription medicines, keeping in touch and preventing total isolation, many of us have been touching the lives of others with love. While roots of a tree keep it stable, we can reflect on what has given us stability during this time. Exercise and cooking, reading and music are all activities that many find therapeutic for well-being. Relationships whether that’s family or friends, are high on the list for giving us strength when we are struggling. I wonder if it is our faith, our relationship with God, where we find our strongest anchor? St Paul also wrote that Christians are like branches grafted into Israel’s tree trunk, with roots that help us stand fast and firm no matter what troubles come our way (Romans 11:17-18). These have been anxious times, full of grief for many and plenty of you will now be weighing up the risks of your own emerging as once more we can begin to gather. May we grow, not in stature but by the nurturing of the living God, who in Jesus we stand firm.


She [wisdom] is a tree of life to those who take hold of her;

those who hold her fast will be blessed (Proverbs 3:18).

Dave and Helen told a beautiful story of The Three Trees a few years ago at Holy Cross.


The Trees Project

Across the Summer months and into the Autumn we will be collecting ‘branches and leaves’ in fabric which can be created in a variety of ways.

As we emerge out of lockdown and our church and community centre begin to open up (dates to follow) the project will be rolled out to reach all our contacts, community hubs and friends across the parish. We hope that a creative writing project will run alongside this, so that between art, craft and writing there will be something for you to contribute.


Like a tree planted by streams of water bearing fruit in due season, with leaves that do not wither, whatever they do, it shall prosper (Psalm 1.3)




Mission Statement for Holy Cross: a cornerstone in the community,

seeking faithfully to love and serve God and our neighbours

both near and far



Sunday Diary for 10.00am Face Book Worship


05 July All Ages Together ‘Learn from me’

Romans 7.15-25a, Matthew 11.16-19, 25-end, Psalm 45.10-end


12 July 5th after Trinity ‘Saying Thank You & Farewell to Chloe, MA’

Romans 8.1-11, Matthew 13.1-9,18-23, Psalm 119.105-112


19 July 6th after Trinity

Romans 8.12-25, Matthew 13.24-30,36-43, Psalm 139.1-11, 23-24


26 July 7th after Trinity

Romans 8.26-end, Matthew 13.31-33,44-52, Psalm 105.1-11, 45b


02 August All Ages Together ‘Feeding the 5,000’

Matthew 14.13-21{Romans 9.1-5, Psalm 17.1-7}


Wednesdays at 11am Ways to Pray




 An A Rocha UK Project

Looking after wildlife in hot weather. Please take a moment to think how you might be able to help nature during hot weather: provide a shallow dish of water for thirsty birds, mammals and even insects (make sure you change this water daily); top up your bird feeder and scatter some tasty apple chunks for thrushes and other animals; provide a shady spot using rocks, stone slabs, tall grass for frogs, toads and newts seeking shelter from the sun; top up your pond; water your plants (from a rain barrel) and lastly, keep it a bit messy! Wilder areas can provide shelter for a wide range of wildlife.

How to deter slugs from precious plants. Make garlic tea by crushing two garlic bulbs and boil them in a litre of water. Strain and allow the liquid to cool. Dilute 1tbsp in 4 litres of water and pour over vulnerable plants once a week. Avoid the heat of the day to avoid foliage scorching and repeat every time it rains.


This is a difficult season for many of our older members and friends. Please hold in prayer those from our church family and community who are feeling frail, anxious and vulnerable at this time - that God may lift them from their despair and bring light, love and peace into their lives and afford them strength for the journey.


Thank you in your service to others by generously donating food and other provisions for the local Food Pantry, which can be left at the vicarage or when church is open.


Your church needs you! We would really value your help as Holy Cross is looking for volunteers to support us with gardening. The grounds are in need of some general cutting back of trees and shrubs and some weeding and mending in our Eco Garden. With many of our congregation continuing to shield themselves against the coronavirus we are looking for local volunteers to join us in maintaining the grounds of Holy Cross.

We also have a volunteer vacancy for PCC Secretary.

Please get in touch in the usual way by telephone or email, we would like to hear from you.


We are delighted that Chris Chalmers now begins serving her curacy at Holy Cross. You will get to meet her over the Summer as she settles into ministry and gets to know both people and place. Join us in praying for Chris and her family at this exciting time of transition.  


Everlasting God,

be with your servant Chris

as she ministers for the good of your kingdom.

May we, with Chris, know the gospel in our hearts

and manifest its light in all our ways;

through Jesus Christ our Lord.




Call on the Vicar for any pastoral assistance,

Revd Debbie Collins will be happy to speak with you. 0121 608 7742


Prayers for the sleepless nights:


Keep us in peace, O Christ our God,

under the protection of your holy and venerable cross;

save us from our enemies, visible and invisible,

and count us worthy to glorify you with thanksgiving,

with the Father and the Holy Spirit,

now and for ever, world without. Amen.

         an Armenian Orthodox dismissal


Where earth and heaven meet

Allow more and more thoughts

of Your thinking to come into our hearts,

day by day,

till there shall at last be an open road

between You and us,

and Your angels may go up and down amongst us,

so that we may be in Your heaven,

even while we are upon Your earth. Amen.                      

                       by George MacDonald